Think (in) Visual Communication

Think (in) Visual Communication - Warsaw

Conference: 12th and 13th December

The focus of the 2-day conference, following three days of workshops, will be the broad field of intellectual processes behind visual language, theoretical and experimental methods of graphic design problem-solving, teaching thinking in design and creative processing.

The general subject: thinking in visual communication has been divided into four groups of various topics:

1. participate in thinking – designing with user-generated content, user influence on designer’s brain
2. abilities of our brains
3. visualization of thinking
4. dead-ends in design thinking.

The conference is organized by EUNIC Warsaw in cooperation with National Audio-Visual Institute (NINA), Copernicus Science Center in Warsaw, Polish-Japanese Institute of Information Technologies (PJIIT) and the Academy of Fine Arts (ASP) in Katowice.

Think (in) Visual Communication is a conference for the international community of professionals and students from different disciplines, such as designers, scientists, artists and philosophers, as well as everyone interested in exchanging knowledge on visual communication.

Workshops from 9th till 11th December
The 3 days of workshops are intended to provide participants with tools useful in constructing visual communicates facilitating the learning process (workshop for children), promoting knowledge (workshops for scientist, designers and culture animators), help deliver complex information in a smart visual package (workshop for designers on augmented reality) and make it all both beautiful and accessible for users (‘write and see your minds’ workshop).

Exhibition from 11th till 31th December 
A one-month visual presentation of intellectual processes behind design projects. Students’ posters will teach us about class assignments’ context reflecting user goals and tasks, technology systems, business processes. The posters will present the task flow and intellectual processing behind final results of projects.

Participating countries are:

The Netherlands
United Kingdom

For more information visit the Think(in) Visual Communication website