International Translation Day 2015

Translator as an object of desire


Once again EUNIC Warszawa and the Association of Translators of Literature are celebrating the International Translation Day. This year’s celebration will be joined with the presentation of the book “Przejęzyczenie. Rozmowy o przekładzie” (published by Wydawnictwo Czarne), where Zofia Zaleska talks to 12 established literary translators. During this evening the actors Beata Jewiarz and Andrzej Mastalerz will present fragments of the book. We will talk to the author of the interviews and other people linked to literature, who in their work met translators in different contexts. Magdalena Budzińska has been an editor at the Czarne publishing house for many years. Beata Stasińska, the founder of the WAB publishing house, has since the early 1990’s sold and published foreign literature in Poland and sold and promoted many Polish authors abroad. The books of Mikołaj Łoziński have been translated in several languages, and the author, almost bilingual himself and very sensitive to every single word, has maintained close contact to his translators. The debate will be led by the radio journalist Katarzyna Hagmajer-Kwiatek.


On 30 September in high schools in Warsaw workshops and talks with translators entitled “Temat lekcji – tłumacz!” will take place. This year we are offering lessons with the following translators: Małgorzata Gierałtowska (Lithuanian), Adam Lipszyc (German), Bogusława Sochańska (Danish), Marek Kazmierski (English), Michał Lipszyc (Portuguese), Anna Butrym (Hungarian), Joanna Bakalarz (Slovak), Aneta Kamińska (Ukrainian), Justyna Czechowska (Swedish).



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