European Day of Languages

This year the organisers of the European Day of Languages wanted to go beyond the format of events just in one place, in order to enable students from entire Poland to take part in the EDL events. Therefore we are inviting classes and teachers to take part in demo lessons of foreign languages on Skype. In the programme, there are lessons of about a dozen of languages, known and less popular, such as English and German, as well as the ones which students have little contanct with.

Additionally, on the EDL Facebook fanpage throughout the whole September trivia and quizes from various languages will be posted.

Stationary events include: in Warsaw - theater workshops led by professional actors for primary school and gimnazjum students, as well as cooking workshops, in Wrocław - an entire week of events includeing workshops, demo lessons, games, concerts, in Kraków and Katowice - a city game. Families are invited to attend the workshops for multilingual families. The aim of the workshops is fostering openness towards new languages among children and strengthening of the capability to communicate effectively in multilingual families.

A full programm of the events is available online here:
Warszawa and Katowice
Entrance to all the events, stationary and online, is free. 


EUNIC Warszawa

Representation of the European Commission in Poland

Information Bureau of the European Parliament

Foundation for the Development of the Education System

City of Warsaw

University of Warsaw

and many other partner institutions