Cluster Projects

Think (in) Visual Communication. Conference, 12-13 December 2014

The focus of the 2-day conference, following three days of workshops, will be the broad field of intellectual processes behind visual language, theoretical and experimental methods of graphic design problem-solving, teaching thinking in design and creative processing.

Spoke'N'Word Festival, 29 November 2014

It will be for the 10th time this year that the Spoken’N’Word Festival will take place in Warsaw.

International Translation Day. 30 September 2014

INTERNATIONAL TRANSLATION DAY 2014 - an award ceremony, a film showing and a discussion entitled "Custodians of the Word. On the Role of the Translator in Promoting Foreign Literatures"

European Day of Languages. 22-26 September 2014

A series of events, 22-26 September 2014
Warsaw, Wrocław, Kraków, Lublin

Translator at the Theatre by EUNIC Warsaw, 30 September 2013

For the fifth time in a row EUNIC Warszawa in cooperation with European Commission and local partners will celebrate International Translation Day. Literary translators, students, publishers...

Reading somewhere else. Literary walks, 5th edition by EUNIC Warszawa, 16 June 2013

On the 16th of June, one of the most colorful districts of Warsaw will open for the fifth edition of 'Reading somewhere else'.

Spoke'N'Word Festival by EUNIC Warszawa, 19 October 2013

It is for the 9th time now that Spoke’N’Word Festival will take place at Powiększenie Club in Warsaw. The programme of the festival consists of a regular poetry slam, performances...

Reading somewhere else. Literary walks, 4th edition by EUNIC in Warsaw, 17 November 2012

On the 17th of November the fourth edition of a literary walk "We read elsewhere" took place in Warsaw, where 17 actresses and actors read excerpts of 25 European books, which are forgotten and/or worth being reminded. That year the event was hold in the Museum of the Earth.

More Europe debate by EUNIC in Warsaw, 19 November 2012

“More Europe” in and outside the EU. Which role can culture play?” This is the title of the More Europe debates in Warsaw on November 19th in the Center Copernicus.

International Translation Day by EUNIC in Poland, 1-2 October 2012

On the occasion of International Translation Day several events will be organised in Cracow (October 1st) and Warsaw (October 2nd) in cooperation with European Commission and local partners.